How to setup Fusion 12C Application(HCM/CRM/Finance/Supply-Chain)

C. Fusion Application Installation

1. Install FA provisioning framework
2. Install FA Database
3. Run Repository Creation Utility (RCU) for FA
4. Create response file for Fusion Applications
5. Provision an Applications Environment

3. Run Repository Creation Utility (RCU) for IDM

Unzip the RCU which is part of software dump. Locate

cd /u01/crmdb/provisioning/apps_rcu
unzip /stage/installers/apps_rcu/linux/
cd /u01/crmdb/provisioning/apps_rcu
mkdir dp_dir

Locate and otbi.dmp and copy into dp_dir.

cp /u01/crmdb/provisioning/apps_rcu/rcu/integration/biapps/schema/otbi.dmp /u01/crmdb/provisioning/apps_rcu/dp_dir
cp /u01/crmdb/provisioning/apps_rcu/rcu/integration/fusionapps/ /u01/crmdb/provisioning/apps_rcu/dp_dir
cd /u01/crmdb/provisioning/apps_rcu/dp_dir
cd /u01/crmdb/provisioning/apps_rcu/bin
./rcu &

Follow the navigation screens with below inputs

Create Repository -> Create

Database connection Details ->
Database Type: Oracle Database
Host Name: fusion.local.lab
Port: 1531
Service Name: fusdb
Username: SYS

Select Components -> Select All components

Following components will be automatically selected : Metadata Services, Audit Services, SOA Infrastructure, User Messaging Service

Schema Passwords ->Use the same password for all schemas

Map Tablespaces -> Next

Summary -> Create

Completion Summary -> Close