Install Siebel

2. Install database for Siebel -> Install Oracle Home

0. Download right Siebel software
1. Unzip your software
2. Install Oracle database for Siebel
3. Install 32-bit Oracle Client
4. Prepare for Siebel Installation
5. Install Siebel gateway server, Enterprise Server, Siebel server
6. Configure Gateway server
7. Configure Siebel Enterprise on Gateway server
8.1. Validate database for Siebel User and ODBC
8.2. Configure database server for Siebel
9. Configure Siebel Server
10. Install web server extension
11. Configure Siebel Web Server Extension
12. Install Web client
13. Configure web server(IIS) and Launch URL
14. Install Siebel tools(if needed)

A. Install Oracle Home

Go to Database software directory and start the Oracle Home installation.

Mountain View
Choose yes to Ignore

Mountain View
Unselect if you do not wish to receive security updates.

Mountain View
Install only RDBMS. We will create database using dbca.

Mountain View
Choose Single instance for Non-RAC environment.

Mountain View

Mountain View

Installation Location - Provide the location you want to install RDBMS.

Mountain View

Mountain View

B. Create database

click here